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Oct 19

COPE Works for Labor Victory at the Ballot Box

Local 1700 members are active across the country, from defending labor rights in California to rocking the transit world in a webcast from Ohio and Colorado.

Oct 18

He's Made It Clear That He Will Decimate Transportation

Mitt Romney may not be clear on his details, but he has made it clear that he will dismantle transportation and move forward anti-union laws.
Our new video shows that plan. 
Watch it.
Across the country Romney and his GOP partners have made it clear in their platform that they will support states and Governors like Scott Walker who aggressively attack unions.

Oct 16

Women Members Forming ATU Local 1700 Caucus

An unprecedented number of Greyhound drivers and terminal workers are female and, judging by the warm response from dozens of members around the country, the time is right to form an ATU Local 1700 Women’s Caucus.

Sep 30

Join the ATU Webcast!

Click on the link above to join ATU members from all across America in a huge ATU Internet event to Rock the Transit World! (or click here!)

Sep 26

Contract Talks Continue

A new bargaining session is underway as the Union pushes its Fairness on the Job Agenda.

Sep 24

Seniority Rosters - September, 2012

Click above to find the current seniority rosters sorted by location as of September 5, 2012.

Sep 24

We need government that works for working people

By President Bruce Hamilton

The news last week was about Mitt Romney’s crude videotaped remarks to Republican fat cats about lazy Americans who don’t want to work for a living or pay taxes. Romney was clumsily repeating a Republican “commandment” that reducing government is the answer to every problem. I don’t buy it.

Sep 15
Fred Lawrence and Chicago teachers at rally
Fred Lawrence and Chicago teachers at rally

Local 1700 Supports Chicago Teachers

Local 1700 members have been demonstrating along with all of Chicago labor in support of teachers. 

Sep 11

The Long Home Stretch to Nov. 6

By President Bruce Hamilton

The Republicans and Democrats have held their conventions, and political polls show most Americans have already decided if they will vote for President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Now comes the hard part. Romney has the big money. Obama has us. Turnout is everything, and we only have about a month left to register every likely Democratic voter.  Then we have to get them to the polls on Election Day.

Sep 06

Contract Talks Continue

The union’s executive board opened contract talks with a review of the issues that brought us to the table early, including the return of our work in the Southwest, being paid for all the time we spend at work, safety incentives, and other ways to improve the lives of Local 1700 members.

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