Women Members Forming ATU Local 1700 Caucus


An unprecedented number of Greyhound drivers and terminal workers are female. Although women are breaking new barriers every day, we continue to face ongoing challenges and a new conservative political backlash. Women unionists in every industry have banded together to address the specific conditions that female workers face. Now is the time for an ATU Local 1700 Women's Caucus. We have a role to play at Local 1700. We need our space, too.

I propose the following framework for this caucus, and look forward to your feedback.

Sandra M Frye
Executive Vice President
(321) 217-8191 cell

Our Purposes

  • To inspire, educate and organize female members of ATU Local 1700 to advance their participation in Amalgamated Transit Union and the legislative arena on the local and International levels.
  • To inspire, educate and organize male members of the ATU Local 1700 to support the work and goals of the Women's Caucus, including the fight for equal rights and opportunities on the job and in our communities.
  • To promote unionism and raise the political consciousness of all members of the Amalgamated Transit Union as necessary components of good unionism and good policy in our industries.
  • To collect and disseminate information and to implement better communications to and between women members of the Amalgamated Transit Union throughout the United States and Canada.
  • To actively promote educational forums such as workshops and seminars for women members of the ATU.

Our Goals

Our goal is to come together under one umbrella -- ATU Local 1700 -- to learn about each other and our purpose at our workplace. We want to develop a new mind-set with our union sisters and come together in unity by listening and learning from each other. We will start by becoming a member, establishing membership fees and dues which will be an intricate part of this bond. We will put in place all necessary officers and seek to strengthen our goal by signing on members who will be sincere about our goals.

Our insignia will be a running female figure, signifying a strong and powerful woman.

At any time, a member can make a suggestion for change, but it will go through the membership and must be voted on. Roberts Rules of Order will govern any matter coming before the ATU Local 1700 Women’s Caucus but we will establish our own by-laws. Once the membership is established, we will hold at least one meeting a year involving all members. We will hold regional meetings throughout the year and we will be involved in the International Women's Caucus, which is held once a year.

As Chariworman of this newly formed Women's Caucus, I promise to keep you informed of all happenings. As a member, you have the right to be a part of all happenings, gain insight to any and all pertinent information and to express your opinion.

I'll will start by asking each member to pay a one time membership fee of $25. This fee will be due 30 days after signing the membership card. This fee from each of us will get our Caucus started on the financial end. It will provide us with materials needed, help to set up meeting venues, mailing out pertinent information to each member, etc. Thereafter, we will each pay a monthly due of $10. You will be notified when it is time for fee and when dues are to start. There will be a treasurer appointed to handle this job and we will have access to the financial records.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the content of this introduction. All concerns will be handled in a timely manner.