Contract Talks Continue

          Today’s bargaining session got us a little bit further along toward laying out all the issues of importance of Local 1700 members and putting on the table the things we need to create a better future for Greyhound workers.  The executive board knows what is important to members because you have voiced your concerns at union meetings, in messages to your officers, and in contract surveys circulated by Contract Action Committee members.  Now comes the hard work of reaching agreement with the company on getting your ideas and suggestions into a contract.

            We hope the company listens, but we can’t just sit back and hope, any more than we can just sit back and hope that President Obama gets re-elected.  To accomplish both goals, we have to work for them.  Everyone must take part in these campaigns by standing up and getting to work.  Ask yourselves and your co-workers what you are willing to do to make a better life for our families and for our communities.

            Your local union officers are reaching out to all members and engaging everyone in the two big fronts we’re fighting on this fall:  the political front, which is of utmost importance to our ability to bargain for a prosperous future, and the workplace front, on which we need to unite and speak with one loud voice.

            The executive board will be spending the next couple of weeks evaluating the company’s responses to our issues and seeking ways to make clear to the company how important it is for them to listen to and honor the wishes of their drivers and maintenance workers.  Every Local 1700 member must get behind this contract campaign.  Participate.  Attend your union meetings.