Highway Safety

Dec 19


Transit union says federal agencies; policy makers  & carriers continue to ignore driver fatigue – the chief cause of fatal accidents

Dec 19

Union seeks more than just shutdown of 52 bad bus firms

“Any serious proposal to clean up the discount bus industry must, unequivocally, address driver fatigue,” says ATU President Hanley.

Jun 10

Healthy Hound Program

By now everyone should have received a brochure from Health and Welfare.  If it is still laying on your table where you left it, now is the time to take a moment and read it. Go ahead, open it up, it is for your health.

Feb 28

FMCSA Data Requests

This User Guide and Manual describes standardized processes and techniques to address and resolve Requests for Data Reviews (RDRs) generated by commercial drivers, motor carriers, FMCSA and State agency users, and others, when submitted electronically to FMCSA’s DataQs website.

Jan 12

City Hall - Stop Lying and Put Our Kids Safety 1st!

How do we know the city is lying about EPP cost and legality in school bus bids?
There own words... Here is what the City about EPPs in court.

Jan 12

U.S. Ban of Canadain Bus Company in Oregon Crash Too Late for Victims

Washington, DC - How many more must die before the U.S. Congress and the Canadian Parliament address driver fatigue to protect bus drivers and the passengers they carry?

Jul 09

Obama Signs Highway Safety Act, Drivers to Target Fatigue

On July 6, Pres. Barack Obama signed the Motorcoach Enhanced Safety Act, capping a 5-year effort by Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio to raise standards in bus construction.  Two days later, families of bus crash victims thanked Brown at a Cleveland press conference for the law, which mandates seat belts, stronger roofs and safer windows. Greyhound bus drivers also spoke to the media about the need to address driver fatigue, the leading cause of fatal bus accidents. For a news report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, an additional video and photos, click here>

Jun 06

Driver Fatigue Caused Deadly Bronx Bus Crash: NTSB

Federal officials say a deadly New York tour bus crash last year was caused by a driver suffering from fatigue.

May 06
Sandra Frye with an important message

MADD and ATU Team UP to Deliver Powerful Message on Highway Safety

Public service announcement timed with Mother's Day to appear on English and Spanish TV, Websites, and union bulletin board posters.

May 03

Greyhound Blasted for Backtracking on Safety

"As family members who have lost loved ones in motorcoach crashes, we are frankly incredulous that Greyhound would now turn your back on the commitment you gave us."

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