Healthy Hound Program

The brochure is a guide to the Healthy Hound Program. It will advise you on quite a few health details. One of the points is on how to save you money on a medical premium.  Greyhound bus operators are subjected to all kinds of work pressures which can become a disastrous health risk. The stress that can develop from an everyday work occurrence can lead to elevated rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and many more illnesses.  Look around, how often are you advised that a co-worker has fallen ill or worse, has passed away . Worse yet…while driving. It is time for all of us to become aware of our health risks.


If you are a participant in the medical plan you are already considered a “Hound”. Complete one of the healthy activities by October1, 2013 and you will be eligible for the lowest premium rates for medical coverage in 2014. If you do not complete at least one of the activities by the deadline, an annual           charge of $240 will be applied to your medical plan premiums in 2014.  Now why would you want to pay extra money when all you have to do is assess your own health. 


This program is designed to:

(1) Keep you fit and healthy

(2) Continually advise you on health risks, especially on chronic conditions

(3) Help to manage all chronic conditions

(4) Save you money in the long run.


Have you seen your doctor yet for your complete physical and biometric exam? Take a day off to get checked out because you are eligible for the day with pay.  You will however need to get your full biometric screening and a physical exam to qualify. Don't forget to take the new PB1 form with you so that your physician can fill it out, turn it into OEAD and you are done.  Read your brochure in its entirety. It will tell you all the facts that you need to know.


Don't forget that you have a Health Steward in your location that can give youguidance. Find out who she/he is and make contact.