MADD and ATU Team UP to Deliver Powerful Message on Highway Safety

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Sandra Frye with an important message

“I’m Sandra Frye. I’m a union bus driver and I’m also a mother,” the TV spot begins. For 30 seconds, Frye talks about her family and job and the importance of highway safety.

“During 17 years with Greyhound, I have covered more than 2 million miles. My job is to bring families together safely and has allowed me to contribute to my own wonderful family. I love the open road, but I never forget that a drowsy or careless driver can be just around the next curve. Drunk driving is the deadliest risk of all.”

And then the union’s chief steward in Orlando looks into the camera and tells the viewer, “As a mom and as a bus driver, I have a message for you: If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t do it.”

“Cut,” yelled film director Dean Tinnin to his 6-member crew. They are filming Frye at the Washington D.C. station for a public service announcement that ATU is sponsoring with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. MADD and ATU are exploring additional steps to take together for highway safety.

Frye isn’t the only Local 1700 member performing this evening. Union steward Sindy Vasquez of Los Angeles delivers a Spanish version of the same powerful Mother’s Day message.

The MADD-ATU spot will run on television – and websites – across the country leading up to May 13.

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