Solidarity Road

Feb 05

Terminal Worker Terminated After Going to Mother's Funeral in Mexico

On May 19, Patricia Vidrio received bad news: her mother had died in the family’s hometown in Mexico’s Jalisco state. Vidrio, who has worked in the L.A. Greyhound terminal since 1994, was given leave to attend her mother’s funeral, but was told when she returned on June 1 that she had been terminated.

Feb 05

Members Elect McCoy, Seasoned Exec Board

ATU Local 1700 members have chosen a new president, reelected several officers and filled two open seats on the Executive Board from a large field of candidates. Incoming President Jimmie McCoy said, “This vote was a strong message to stay the course. It’s clear that members want experienced hands on the steering wheel, and the core of this Executive Board has been leading the effort to rebuild Local 1700.”

Feb 05

2014: Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves

Every union’s strength depends upon an active, involved rank and file, writes President Jimmie McCoy, and Local 1700 members showed overwhelming support for union democracy in December. “With that kind of participation, Local 1700 can overcome any challenge. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work on a full agenda for 2014.”

Feb 05

Contract Breakthrough at Southeastern Stages

Drivers and mechanics at Southeastern Stages rang in New Year’s Day with a new contract that bucks a 30-year trend in labor relations. At a time when many new employees are forced to work alongside seasoned veterans at half their pay and no benefits, Local 1700 members stood their ground until Stages agreed in December to do away with its 2-tier pay system.

Feb 05

Bolt Drivers Set Sights High in Contract Talks

ATU Local 1700 and Greyhound met in January to negotiate the third supplement to the Greyhound contract for Bolt Bus drivers. The main issues at the table are the same as they have been since Day One: bringing the Bolt drivers up to the same standards as Greyhound drivers.

Feb 05

Union Growth Helps Marshal Resources to Defend Members

ATU Local 1700 remains in belt-tightening mode, but this report by Financial Secretary-Treasurer Sesil Rubain makes clear that the new Executive Board is prepared to shoulder whatever expense is necessary to defend our members.

Oct 30

Rest in Peace

Local 1700 offers our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the following members who have passed away in 2013.

Oct 30

So Much More in San Diego

ATU delegates from across the United States and Canada met in San Diego in late August. The theme of the union’s 57th convention was “So Much More.” 

Oct 30

ATU Recognizes Womens' Caucus

The Local 1700 Women’s Caucus has continued to grow since its April founding conference, prompting the ATU International Women’s Caucus to recognize the group – with nearly 30 members in 14 cities – as an official chapter.

Oct 29

The Road To Citzenship

On Aug. 14, Local 1700 members packed into a van provided by Greyhound and joined 200 carloads of working families for a caravan to Bakersfield, California, organized by the L.A. County Federation of Labor.

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