Union Growth Helps Marshal Resources to Defend Members

By Sesil Rubain



Financial Secretary-Treasurer


As we enter 2014, ATU Local 1700 remains in belt-tightening mode, but the new Executive Board is prepared to shoulder whatever expense is necessary to defend our members.


Our major expenses during 2013 included:

  • training stewards on the new contract and Healthy Hound program;

  • arbitrating cases in which Greyhound unfairly fired employees;

  • defending (successfully in every case) against frivolous lawsuits; and

  • conducting the 2013 election of officers.


For 2014, the Local 1700 agenda includes contract negotiations for Bolt Bus and Greyhound terminal workers; improved communications; and more in-depth training for the union’s terrific front-line fighters – our stewards.


From a financial perspective, last year’s historic contract strengthened the union, but also had a downside. The good news is that active membership now stands at 2,593 – up nearly 200 members from this time last year – thanks to the return of work across the Southwest. Continued downsizing by Greyhound, however, kept our numbers from growing as much as we anticipated.


Another result of the new contract is that drivers’ dues aren’t rising as much as before because most new money covers hours at work that weren’t previously paid. Under Local 1700 bylaws, dues are based only on the top hourly rate, which only increases once each year and doesn’t rise as much as overall wages.


Reminder to retirees: the new year also means it’s time to pay your annual union dues.