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Jan 27


Voting is underway on the groundbreaking new contract for Greyhound drivers and maintenance workers. 

Jan 18

New Contract Rewrites Rules of the Road

SOLIDARITY ROAD - SPECIAL EDITION: Local 1700 Executive Board unanimously recommends members ratify tentative agreement that raises all wages, pays drivers for all time at work, returns all subcontracted work.

Jan 12

Tentative Agreement Reached for New Deal With Greyhound

The agreement will be sent to Local 1700 members for a ratification vote as soon as possible.

Jan 12

City Hall - Stop Lying and Put Our Kids Safety 1st!

How do we know the city is lying about EPP cost and legality in school bus bids?
There own words... Here is what the City about EPPs in court.

Jan 12

U.S. Ban of Canadain Bus Company in Oregon Crash Too Late for Victims

Washington, DC - How many more must die before the U.S. Congress and the Canadian Parliament address driver fatigue to protect bus drivers and the passengers they carry?

Jan 05

It's 2013. Time to Update!

The year 2013 has important union activities coming up, including membership votes on contracts and union officer elections.  It is very important for the Union and the Company to have your correct contact information.  Please take this time to update your address and telephone numbers. 

See your Company supervisor right away to provide updated contact information.  You can also update your address and telephone information with the Union via email to or call the Union office at (202) 244-0484.

Sesil Rubain,

Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Dec 22
Tenth Annual Holiday Lunch, Los Angeles
Tenth Annual Holiday Lunch, Los Angeles

When is a holiday not a holiday?

When you're a bus driver, mechanic or service worker.

Dec 11

Update on Contract Negotiations

The week's negotiations ended on a promising note.  But we're not there yet.

Dec 04

Bargaining Update

Major issues are the focus at the opening of the 4th round of talks.

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