Tentative Agreement Reached for New Deal With Greyhound

Local 1700 has reached a tentative agreement with Greyhound on a new contract for drivers and maintenance workers.  We’re still working on finalizing some language details, but a historic deal has been reached that sets right some wrongs that we have lived with for decades.  Details of the agreement will be mailed to each member within the next week or so and a contract ratification vote will be conducted. 

This is an historic agreement.  Once it’s ratified, over the course of this contract more time on the job will become paid time, and by the final year of the contract, Greyhound drivers will finally be paid for all the time we spend at work. 

We have achieved wage increases that well exceed the average of wage increases won in union contracts during the past few years.  The company has agreed to work rule changes that remove much of the unfairness that has plagued our work lives for much too long.  And we will gain a lot of new work as a result of this deal.  Full details will be on the site on Monday.

Members made it happen when they responded to the call to arms last Spring.  You hung in there with gestures of full support for your bargaining committee as we worked out this deal.  And now everyone will benefit greatly from that showing of faith and solidarity.

There are no give-backs in this deal.  This is a deal that will take us to a new place in our relationship with Greyhound.  As we continue to organize ourselves into a stronger collective force, our work lives will become places of fairness, wellness, and prosperity.  We’ll look forward once again to reporting for work and to providing the world’s very best service to the traveling public.