When is a holiday not a holiday?

Tenth Annual Holiday Lunch, Los Angeles
Tenth Annual Holiday Lunch, Los Angeles

The holidays are not holidays for bus workers.  These are not only the busiest work days of the year, but in many areas they are among the most dangerous for driving.  So a very special thanks is due to every Greyhound, Bolt and Southeastern Stages driver, every mechanic, cleaner, service worker, ticket agent, and baggage handler whose dedication and safe work performance gets people where they need to be for the holidays.

I hope everyone will take some time over the holidays to celebrate the high points of 2012 and to look forward with renewed commitment to the struggles we face in 2013.  Your efforts over this past year brought our union together in unprecedented ways and you’ve made us much stronger. 

Members in the Southwest came together to stop the company from further undermining our work there.  And Local 1700 members joined with ATU members and all of US Labor in the campaign to reelect President Obama.  You put out a tremendous effort and you were the deciding factor in a great victory for working people against the billionaires who thought they could buy our democracy.

Those hard-won victories are a strong foundation for greater progress in the year ahead.  The Executive Board is negotiating what could – with your support - turn out to be a historic turning point for Greyhound workers.  Get ready for more news and possibly more action on that after New Year’s. 

And we will lead the fight in 2013 to finally overturn the unfair exemption from provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act for all over the road drivers.

So celebrate the holidays this week and get ready to roll up your sleeves next week.

Have a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year!