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Sep 06

Contract Negotiations Begin

Early talks underway to seek solutions to thorny issues.

Aug 28

Pay It Forward this Labor Day

By President Bruce Hamilton

We don’t get Labor Day off at Greyhound because we’re always too busy taking other people on their late summer trips. But I hope you will take a moment sometime over the holiday weekend to celebrate the benefits that earlier generations of union men and women fought and bled and died to win.

Aug 15

New Health Improvement Opportunity Announced

The Health & Welfare Trust is continually looking for ways to help you improve – or maintain – your health.  As a wise person once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Plus, it is the right thing to do for yourself and your family.  Click on the headline to apply for this program.

Aug 13

Be Afraid, Then Stand Tall

By President Bruce Hamilton

If the prospect of a President Mitt Romney wasn’t scary enough, the danger to working people of a Republican victory this fall came into sharper focus when Romney tapped U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, a Big Business hatchet man from Wisconsin, as his VP candidate.

Aug 02

NTSB Ruling on Virginia Motorcoach Crash Confirms Motorcoach Reform Must Address Driver Fatigue

Transit Union says ruling echoes Bronx accident report, unfair labor standards for drivers continues to put passengers and drivers at risk

Aug 01

Working Voters and Bosses' Parties

By President Bruce Hamilton

Every election, the debate flares up among union members over whether voting makes a difference. On one hand, our two-party political system is a choice between Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Regardless of which candidate leads the ticket, their “solutions” to the challenges we face will reward the ruling class.

Jul 16

COPE Today, Contract Tomorrow

By President Bruce Hamilton

Since Wisconsin’s union-busting governor beat back a recall campaign in June, Big Business and its wholly owned, right wing media and politicians have pumped up the volume on an old chorus: The Labor Movement is dead! The Labor Movement is dead!

The 1% are trying to convince anyone who will listen that unions are so beaten down that we are no longer a threat to the powers that be. Don’t believe it.

Jul 16

Five Questions Mitt Romney Must Answer

The more everyone finds out about Mitt Romney’s finances, the more questions they have. Perhaps that’s why he’s hiding as much as he thinks he can get away with.

Today, The Boston Globe reported that Romney was still running Bain Capital two years after he claims he left the firm, directly contradicting his campaign’s denial that he was involved in deals that led to layoffs, bankruptcies, and American jobs getting shipped overseas.

It’s a pattern of secrecy, and this is just the latest example of him trying to hide the truth from voters. There are a number of issues in play right now – questions to which voters deserve answers:

Jul 09

Obama Signs Highway Safety Act, Drivers to Target Fatigue

On July 6, Pres. Barack Obama signed the Motorcoach Enhanced Safety Act, capping a 5-year effort by Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio to raise standards in bus construction.  Two days later, families of bus crash victims thanked Brown at a Cleveland press conference for the law, which mandates seat belts, stronger roofs and safer windows. Greyhound bus drivers also spoke to the media about the need to address driver fatigue, the leading cause of fatal bus accidents. For a news report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, an additional video and photos, click here>

Jul 02

COPE: The Worker's Approach to Politics

By President Bruce Hamilton

You know you’re up against enormous odds when the Supreme Court rules that the people of Montana’s 100-year law stopping the Copper Bosses from buying the state’s governors, senators, congressmen, and local legislators is unconstitutional. The Super Rich clearly have a grotesque advantage in the 2012 elections.

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