Be Afraid, Then Stand Tall

The choice on Nov. 6 isn’t the usual Party A or Party B. Our entire future is at stake. If you think I’m exaggerating, ask yourselves how Medicare and Social Security – two highly effective programs that ensure dignity and health for older Americans – wind up on the chopping block.  That’s what Tea Party-favorite Paul Ryan proposes in his extremist GOP budget attack.

Our right to vote? Under attack! Labor’s right to a voice at work? Under attack! Women’s and minority rights? Under attack! Environmental protection, product safety, banking regulations, public education? Under attack! An undeclared war against working Americans is raging right now in every state with a Republican governor and legislature. Imagine the national conflict a Romney-Ryan Administration would spark.

Take a moment to be afraid, very afraid. And then make a promise to yourself, your family, your coworkers and your community: I will work as hard as possible to re-elect President Barack Obama and to elect federal, state and local officials who respect and support working Americans.

This may be the greatest threat we face in a century. For the moment, though, we still have our rights and ATU Local 1700 members can make a difference in this struggle. Our first step must be registering all union members, families and neighbors to vote before Oct. 9, the deadline in most states. Then we need to reach out broadly to working families and find ways to get them to the polls on Nov. 6.

Don’t kid yourselves. Voting does matter and politicians are not all the same. I’m voting for my future. I’m voting for Obama.