COPE Today, Contract Tomorrow

Yes, we have suffered setbacks. Nobody knows that better than Greyhound workers.  But collective action is still working people’s most effective weapon, and unions are still the political force to watch in this fall’s elections.

It won’t be easy. The way to realize that potential is through our ATU Committee on Political Education. ATU-COPE is the engine for grassroots political organizing, both to re-elect President Barack Obama and retake Congress in November, and to press our elected officials to fight for our issues after the election.

The ATU-COPE will also be essential during the coming contract negotiations with Greyhound this fall. When Local 1700 members mobilize and speak strongly with one voice, we win solid gains in contracts. That’s not an opinion. That’s recent history, and this year is no different.

So, roll up your sleeves. We’re going to start this fight by registering every Local 1700 member and our families, friends and neighbors to vote, and it won’t be over until we have a good contract and unfair labor laws like the overtime exemption for bus carriers are history.