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Jun 28

Sammie Howard Set to Lead Region 2

Beginning July 1, Atlanta Chief Steward Sammie Howard officially takes the helm as Region 2 Vice President, replacing Bill White, who has decided to retire.  Sammie is very well known to members throughout Region 2, and the transition is expected to be smooth.  Still, he will need everyone’s support as we all carry the work of our union forward. 

Sammie comes on at a time when the local is gearing up for contract talks as well as getting organized for this fall’s elections.  Let’s all give Sammie a big Local 1700 welcome as he undertakes his new duties. 

To contact Sammie, click on the “CONTACT US” button at the right side of the home page.

Jun 28

Members Ideas Needed: Fill Out The Contract Survey Now!

Local 1700 members should log in, fill out and submit the contract survey that is now on the home page.

Jun 24

Bill White Announces His Retirement

Region 2 Vice President Bill White has announced that he will be stepping down at the end of this month.

Jun 24

Greyhound Agrees to Early Contract Talks

Resolution of the dispute over our work in the Southwest will be part of comprehensive contract negotiations.

Jun 21

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Obama criticizes congress for dragging their feet on student loan rates

"We're ten days away from nearly 7.5 million students seeing their loan rates double because Congress hasn't acted. This should have been a no-brainer. It should have been done weeks ago," he said.

Jun 19

KPFK Radio Interviews Hamilton on Highway Safety

The subject on "Labor Review," a weekly pro-union radio show in Los Angeles, was highway safety and host Henry Walton discussed driver fatigue and ending the federal exemption for bus companies on paying overtime with ATU Local 1700 President Bruce Hamilton. To hear the interview, click here>>
Jun 06

Driver Fatigue Caused Deadly Bronx Bus Crash: NTSB

Federal officials say a deadly New York tour bus crash last year was caused by a driver suffering from fatigue.

May 29

COPE Kick-Off Follows Dallas Protest

By Bruce Hamilton

The chanting had barely died down outside Greyhound’s corporate headquarters in Dallas on May 22 when Local 1700 COPE activists from across the Southwest kicked off the 2012 campaign to re-elect Pres. Barack Obama. Get ready for a summer and fall filled with voter registration and mobilization.

Our first task is making sure that everyone we know is registered to vote. @WAR will concentrate on this essential step during June and July, and Local 1700 will hold meetings and organize activities to get the job done.

May 28

Dozens of Greyhound Drivers Protest "Bait and Switch" at Dallas Terminal

About 50 Greyhound drivers and supporters picketed outside the Dallas bus station on Tuesday, May 22, then marched to corporate headquarters to continue protesting a "bait and switch" scam the company is pulling on passengers.

May 28

News Coverage of the May 22 Rally

View the KDAF TV Dallas/Forth Worth's coverage of the May 22 Rally to protest the use of Americanos drivers on Greyhound routes.

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