Dozens of Greyhound Drivers Protest "Bait and Switch" at Dallas Terminal

Greyhound is disguising drivers from its cut-rate line, Americanos, in Greyhound uniforms and assigning them to Greyhound Express buses.

The protesters' picket signs read, "It Isn't a Greyhound Without a Greyhound Driver." chants included "We've got to let Greyhound know that bait-and-switch has got to go!" and "No second-class riders! No second-class drivers!"

Local 1700 President Bruce Hamilton said, "It hurts me to see an Americanos driver behind the wheel of a Greyhound, and it's something I haven't seen since we went on strike in 1990.

But, Hamilton added, this scam is more than an attack on employees. "The company is selling passengers a ticket for Greyhound, but instead of getting the comfort that comes from knowing an experienced driver is behind they wheel, they are getting someone with much less experience."