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May 02
Jimmie McCoy
Jimmie McCoy

Jimmie McCoy Takes Wheel of Region 3

Since taking office in March, Region 3 Vice President Jimmie McCoy has been organizing the late Ron Jordan's union files (some going back to the 1970's), working his way through the stack of papers, and learning a lot about what members expect from the union.

May 02
Chuck Flanagan
Chuck Flanagan

Chuck Flanagan Led Post-Strike Greyhound Local

Weeks after Ron Jordan's death. ATU Local 1700 members lost a second veteran leader.  Chuck Flanagan, the Cleveland-based driver who led a consolidated Greyhound local in the wake of a bruising 3-year strike, died in February.

Dec 31

Ray Phillips and the 1983 Strike

The world was a very violent place on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 1983: American troops were on the ground in Lebanon and Grenada, and U.S.-backed “contras” were fighting in Nicaragua. Al Pacino’s Scarface was filling movie theaters. That was the day that 12,700 drivers, mechanics and clerks struck Greyhound. By the time the walkout ended 47 days later, the union had been forced to accept pay cuts, health rollbacks and elimination of pensions, and striker Ray Phillips had paid the ultimate price in the name of labor solidarity.  More>>

Dec 26

Occupy Wall Street Shines a Spotlight on the Super-Rich

IB ImageFor months, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) resonated with young people across the globe because of the loose-knit movements simple message:

The top 1% of society has stacked the deck against the 99% of Americans, and are making out like bandits while the rest of us lose our homes, our jobs, our health care, our pensions - even our lives!

Dec 26

Schumer Bill Would Extend Overtime Pay to Over-the-Road Bus Drivers

NTSB warns of curbside carriers’ crash risk

Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York) has introduced legislation to include Greyhound drivers under overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Schumer’s “Driver Fatigue Prevention Act” would eliminate the little-known exemption for owners of intercity bus lines. It could be included in the massive Surface Transportation Act that Congress will debate this coming spring.

Dec 26

What Do Drivers Want?

Survey shows strong priority on U.S.-made, union-made uniforms

More than 150 Greyhound drivers have responded to an ATU Local 1700 survey about uniforms. Members were asked to rate the uniform and its components, what’s in their closets and how much they spend beyond the allowance, and how high a priority they put on American-made and union-made garments.

Dec 26

Mechanics Speak Out

Ray Phillips Bust
Richard Cloud

What message is Greyhound sending by cutting mechanics and maintenance when profit is up 18% and intercity bus ridership is up 25%?

“The message I get is that Greyhound is comfortable where they are. The company has done so much with so little for so long that now they think they can do anything with nothing.  Read More

Dec 26

L.A. Labor Walks for "Homeless Heroes"

On Nov. 19, tens of thousands of Southern Californians walked in a massive United Way event to benefit the growing number of homeless. A significant number of the participants were union members calling attention to how the economic crisis has hit military veterans especially

Dec 26

Building a Better Extraboard

Greyhound has agreed to discuss ways to make Extraboard drivers’ lives more bearable. The union and management spent a lot of time during the 2010 contract negotiations trying to reach agreement on improvements for our most stressed members. Several terrific advances have been well received by Extraboard drivers, but we always knew that much more remained to be done.

Oct 30

A Uniform Drivers Can Wear With Pride

Clothes, they say, make the man and woman. If true, what does the current Greyhound uniform say about ATU Local 1700 members behind the wheel? It isn’t flattering, judging by widely heard opinions. Executive V.P. Jimmie McCoy and stewards Sandra Frye, Leonard Weaver and Michael Pierce are conducting a survey to find out which features Local 1700 members care about most, including where and how the garments are made.  More>>

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