L.A. Labor Walks for "Homeless Heroes"

Ray Phillips Bust
Walking for ATU Local 1700 were Roger Inge, Paul Gonzalez,
Leonard Weaver, Bruce Hamilton and John Moreno.
Photo: Lisa Weingarten

On Nov. 19, tens of thousands of Southern Californians walked in a massive United Way event to benefit the growing number of homeless. A significant number of the participants were union members calling attention to how the economic crisis has hit military veterans especially

According to data from the Dept. of Housing and Veterans Administration, nearly 1 in 5 of all the homeless in L.A. County are former military personnel, including 909 servicewomen and 7,221 male veterans. The County Federation of Labor organized the effort to call attention to America’s “homeless heroes.”

To make a donation, contact Local 1700 steward Leonard Weaver at (323) 630-9318.