BULLETIN: Doing Nothing is Unhealthy

Brothers and Sisters,
Our Union is well aware and deeply concerned about the rising cost of healthcare and
more importantly, the slow deterioration of our health as compared to the average
American Worker. As Greyhound employees, most of our jobs do not avail us to live
relatively healthy lifestyles or to seek consistent preventive checkups for early
detection of the most debilitating, life-threatening illnesses. Most of us do not find out
we are sick until we fail an annual DOT examination.
To this end, we must take our healthcare and its concerns into our own hands. We
must start taking the Health Hound campaign seriously at each location and become
diligent about changing our workplace environment to one that is conducive to life
AFTER Greyhound.
First, we will form Health Committees, which will be chaired and recorded by the
Chief Shop Steward or preferably a health-conscious volunteer from each location.
Education and active participation are the keys to our success.
Second, we will document and forward to the Union office all the things in each
location that contribute to an unhealthy environment. Nothing is off limits.
Third, we will set up meetings, discussions, conference calls, and actions geared
toward eliminating the unhealthy conditions. Together we CAN and WILL clean up our
toxic work environment. The Company must be made aware that our health is
IMPORTANT and that we will not be IGNORED. Doing nothing is not an option, it is just
plain unhealthy.
Living long, healthy lives is simply our desire, our goal and our RIGHT!