Local 1700 Members to Elect National, Regional Leaders

Significant changes on Executive Board since 2010 vote due to promotion, retirement and death.

Local 1700 members are beginning to focus on December balloting for the union’s president, executive vice president and financial secretary/treasurer, and for the regional vice president who represents their city.

Election Committee Chair Elmer Taylor of Philadelphia and committee members Willie Glover of Jacksonville and Chris Marshall of Sacramento will oversee the process.

“Voting is one of the most basic things Local 1700 members can do to strengthen the union,” Taylor said. “Leaders are only as strong as the support they have from the rank and file.”

Contrary to popular belief, union officers have no access to ballots. Voting will be organized and counted by TrueBallot, a Maryland-based company that promises “the highest level of security, transparency, and auditability” in elections for unions, Native American tribes, homeowner associations and other groups.

All positions are for 3-year terms, although the Executive Board has changed considerably since the last election in 2010:

  • Region 3 V.P. Ron Jordan died last year and was succeeded by Executive V.P. Jimmie McCoy.
  • Orlando Chief Steward Sandra Frye filled the Executive V.P. position.
  • Later in 2012, Region 2 V.P. Bill White retired and was replaced by Atlanta Chief Steward Sammie Howard.
  • Earlier this year President Bruce Hamilton resigned after being named an ATU International V.P.
  • Sandra Frye succeeded Hamilton, following rules laid out in ATU and Local 1700 bylaws, and the Executive V.P. seat remains unfilled

To be eligible to run for office, candidates must comply with the International Constitution and the Local 1700 Bylaws, and be in good standing for at least two years leading up to the Oct. 15 nominations meeting. Ballots will be mailed to all members in good standing, and will be counted if the member remains in good standing. Members with questions about their status should contact the Financial Secretary/Treasurer’s office at (202) 244-0484.

To vote and/or run for office, a member’s current mailing address must be on file in the union office for him or her. According to Article X, Section 4 of the Local 1700 bylaws, election correspondence – including voting details, ballots, and notices to candidates – will be mailed to members’ last known address.

“If you have moved or aren’t receiving Solidarity Road or other Local 1700 mail, you must put in a change of address,” Taylor said, adding, “Do it now. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last moment.”

Members can update their information by phone at (202) 244-0484, by fax to (202) 244-0485, or online at www.atu1700.org.

Election Timeline

Sept. 23        Nomination letters to be mailed

Oct. 11          Deadline for mailed or faxed nominations

Oct. 15          Nominations meeting in Washington, D.C.

Oct. 16          Election Committee meets to qualify nominees

Oct. 25          Deadline for candidate acceptance forms

Oct. 28          Ballots to printer

Nov. 8           Ballots mailed

Dec. 3           Vote count – results announced immediately

Dec. 13         Deadline to challenge election

Jan. 1           New Board takes office