Greyhound Can Do More to Lower Health Risks

October deadline to lower premiums by participating in a ‘Healthy Hound’ activity.

ATU Local 1700 is determined to hold Greyhound accountable for its role in driving up health risks. Research by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shows that over-the-road drivers suffer greater rates of illness than workers in many other industries and occupations, including high rates of contagious illnesses, chronic disease, low back pain, asthma, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. Even the healthiest drivers suffer from sky-high blood pressure.

The “Healthy Hound” program is one approach to helping drivers and other employees make smart personal choices. But the company must also take action to reduce work-related hazards, including:

  • improve work schedules
  • enhance driver security
  • reduce fatigue
  • design ergonomic seats and steering wheels on buses
  • encourage safety stops for restroom use
  • expand access to healthy food and drink

We also have too much stress on the job, between being on call 24/7, the constant threat of highway accidents, dealing with aging equipment, on-time performance pressure, passenger pressure, and Big-Brother-is-watching pressure.

Oct. 1 is the deadline for ATU Local 1700 members to qualify for reduced medical premiums next year by completing at least one of three activities in the Healthy Hound program. Those who don’t comply will face a $240 increase in their 2014 premiums. The three healthy activities are:

  • participate in the chronic health support program;
  • visit your doctor for a wellness exam or physical preventive care test; or
  • complete the online health risk assessment.

If you have any questions about the program, do not hesitate to contact your Good Health Steward, any member of the ATU Local 1700 Women’s Caucus, or the Benefits Department at (800) 288-7766. These individuals are committed to helping you reach your goals.

Living a safe and healthy lifestyle is a challenge, but the benefits to drivers and our loved ones are worth the effort. Take the initiative today to make the right personal choices and to work with your Local 1700 brothers and sisters to force Greyhound to provide a healthy work environment.