Sandra Frye Steps Up to Lead Local 1700

On March 1, ATU Local 1700 began writing a new chapter in the union’s history. After serving as president for more than eight years, Bruce Hamilton assumed new duties as an ATU International Vice President. ATU President Larry Hanley has assigned Hamilton to focus on the national over-the-road safety campaign, which will keep him in continual contact with Greyhound drivers.

Executive Vice President Sandra Frye, as mandated by the union’s bylaws, has stepped up to lead Local 1700. Frye has driven for Greyhound for 18 years, and served as Chief Steward in Orlando before being appointed EVP last year. She is the first African American and first woman to head the local.

“It is a great honor to assume this position,” Frye said. “It’s like stepping into big shoes with little feet, but I’m growing and learning every day. As a Chief Steward, I learned to step up for the rights of union members and to not back down when the going got tough. As Executive VP, I was proud to help negotiate a new contract that will finally bring us into the 21st Century.”

Frye said her priorities for 2013 are:

  • training union stewards to implement the new contract,
  • helping members raise their quality of life through the Healthy Hound campaign,
  • welcoming new members from the now-disbanded Americanos and Crucero lines, and
  • continuing the fight for highway safety.

“I have a lot of work ahead of me as the presiding officer of Local 1700, but I know the job can be better for drivers, and that we can do more for terminal workers and other members. The key to success will be involving more and more people in our activity.”

Frye said she looks forward to meeting Local 1700 members across the country. “Meanwhile,” she added, “let me know your thoughts and concerns by phone and email. Together, we can accomplish great things.”

All Local 1700 Executive Board seats are up for election this fall. Details will be mailed to all members in September. Nominations will be open until mid-October, followed by voting by mail in November and a ballot count in early December.