Our Future is in Our Hands

During this election, Local 1700 members have joined together and rolled up our sleeves as never before. Now we’re down to the wire. We only have a day left, so let’s make the most of it:

  • Every member is responsible for taking at least one other person to the polls who might not vote without your encouragement and help.
  • Members who are not working on Tuesday should call the union office to find out how they can help getting our people to the polls.

The great work that Local 1700 members did during this election will not end after the ballots are counted. We will continue to build on our new political strength. We must solidify our rights at work – under brutal attack for years – and force elected officials to push for working families’ priorities, not coddle Big Business.

After Nov. 6, we must also turn our full attention to contract bargaining. Our fight at Greyhound is the same as for millions of other workers. We must build solidarity and work together for the improved living standards we all need and deserve.

To help redirect our political enthusiasm to winning a fair contract and changing federal law after the election, @WAR will continue to arrive in your email inboxes.

Thanks to all Local 1700 members who performed so well during this national campaign to re-elect President Obama and in local fights across the country where our rights have come under fierce attack.

Now let’s get everyone out on Tuesday and show the bastards a push back they’ll never forget!