Uniform Vendor Failing to Fill Drivers' Orders

The current Greyhound uniform has never been popular, but problems for the vendor, Lyons Uniforms, are out of control. Since January 2011, the backlog has grown to about 250 Greyhound drivers waiting for more than 700 garments.

The head of the management side of the Uniform Committee said Greyhound began to express its concerns to Lyons – now known as GK Services – in mid-2011. Myron Watkins said the vendor was un- able to work out quality-control problems.

Executive V.P. Sandra Frye said the company totally dismissed Local 1700 concerns about Lyons at the committee’s first meeting in Dallas. “Back then, they were supposed to be the best,” Frye said. “Why weren’t we even asked to help solve these terrible problems that we’re just now finding out about?”

The Uniform Committee, which also includes Region 3 VP Jimmie McCoy and stewards Leonard Weaver and Michael Pierce, met in April in Atlanta so it could tour one of the companies Watkins is negotiating with to replace GK Services, whose contract is set to expire in July.

Local 1700 presented a union-made sample uniform at the meeting by De- Moulin Apparel, an Illinois manufacturer. “Watkins said it was too late to include De- Moulin in the selection process,” Frye said, “but we are going to continue pressing for American-made, union-made uniforms.”