President McCoy Looks at L.A. Terminal, Bolt Bus Contracts

By President Jimmie McCoy
By President Jimmie McCoy

In February, terminal workers in Los Angeles approved a three-year contract that holds the line on work rights but provides only limited economic relief to Greyhound's lowest paid employees.

And in March, Bolt drivers approved a contract that gets much closer to the goal of being paid at a single rate for all time spent at work.

Greyhound continues to try to bite the hand that feeds it, but terminal workers pushed back this past year.  Picket lines of union members, their families and community and labor supporters drew media attention to the ugly contradiction between Greyhound's attempt to glorify its hundred-year history and the truth of the company's racist, immoral reality as it ruthlessly built its monopoly enterprise.

In Los Angeles we were unable to accomplish the gains we pushed for, but members voted to end the long, drawn-out struggle and to hold onto what we have gained while we continue to fight with "Raise LA" for a $15 floor on wages and for decent working conditions.  One Los Angeles steward said, "We moved a step closer to our goal of jobs with dignity, respect, security and a living wage."

The company made the Bolt negotiations difficult also.  But in the end, as I previously reported, drivers approved a deal that will take their top driving rate to $25.25 per hour in 2019.  The top non-driving rate goes to $13.75.  

Bolt buses have been rolling for seven years now.  The company has attempted from the beginning to keep the ranks of Bolt drivers separate from Greyhound drivers.  All Local 1700 members need to understand that - as the old union saying goes - united we stand; divided we fall.  Either we all make gains together or else we each lose separately.  By approving this deal, even though the vote shows there is still some division in the ranks, Bolt drivers have sent a message that we will move forward in solidarity.

Jimmie McCoy