Los Angeles Terminal Workers Win Round 1

Greyhound Terminal Workers’ To-Do List:

  1. Win Reinstatement for Patricia Vidrio
  2. Win Fair Pay Increases
  3. Win a National Contract

Cross Number 1 off the list! Patty is coming back after a long struggle for justice. In an unbelievably cruel act, Greyhound fired Patty for the “offense” of attending her mother’s funeral. Los Angeles management’s superiors in Dallas would not listen to reason, and the union had to arbitrate Patty’s case. The arbitrator recognized the company’s cruelty and restored Patty to her position. She deserves an enormous hug from all her union sisters and brothers when she returns to work. Raising our voices for justice all together is the only way working people will ever prevail against heartless employers.

Goal 2: Now our sights are set on winning fair pay raises. So far Greyhound has only belittled, disrespected and demonized terminal workers in an equally heartless attempt to keep us “in our place” under management’s thumb. But we are joining with other low-paid workers across the country to demand a minimum wage of $15 an hour. Our movement is growing stronger every day, and one day soon we will see victory.

Goal 3: Everyone who works for Greyhound deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, but many terminal workers are too intimidated to fight because the company has beaten them down for decades or they work in small terminals with only a few co-workers. A national contract would protect everyone in the bargaining unit against unfair company punishment, defend their right to bargain collectively for fair wages and working conditions, and give them the pride of belonging to a powerful organization that stands for dignity and respect of all working people.

Winning Goal 1 is a great first step. Welcome back, Patty!  Now let’s work to achieve Goals 2 and 3 as soon as possible!