Greyhound Goes on the Attack Against Driver Wages

The company has just launched an attack on us that is the most serious threat to our jobs since 1990.  For the first time since 1990, when Greyhound illegally locked us out, the company is running scheduled Greyhound service with Greyhound buses using drivers who are not Greyhound drivers.  This attack must be repelled.

New Greyhound Express schedules between Dallas and Austin and between Houston and Austin that use Americanos drivers are illegal actions that strike at the heart of our union contract. 

This is a classic wage-lowering tactic used by union-busting employers where an employer sets up an alter ego company as a means of avoiding the collective bargaining agreement.  The company’s goal is to weaken the union and drive down wages.

The union has in recent times extended our hand to Greyhound in friendship to re-build Greyhound and to work with the company to raise safety standards and employee standards.  But the company is not interested raising standards.  All they want is to make life ever more unbearable for us, and they are now engaging us in an unnecessary war that nobody is going to happy with the outcome of. 

So Greyhound has once again thrown us into a fight for our lives.  We have no choice but to fight back.  An unfair labor practice charge has been filed, and members in Texas are doing informational picketing at Greyhound terminals.

If we don’t do everything we can to stop Greyhound’s unfair, illegal attack on our wages in Texas, they will take their attack to the rest of the country.