Effective 1 January 2023

ATU 1700 By-Laws dated August 2007; Article VII (Duties of the Executive Board), Section 5 states:

  "On or before July 15th in the third year of each term of office, the Board will meet to review the regions and if necessary redistribute the number of represented employees in each region to be effective with the new term of office beginning the following January.  The Board will also review the Local's financial status and the total number of represented employees.  If necessary, the number of VPs will be adjusted to be effective with the new term of office."

In compliance with Article VII; Section 5:

  • ATU 1700 Executive Board met 8 July 2022, via Zoom.  The Board discussed and reviewed all information pertaining to the future of ATU 1700 and its ability to represent its membership in the highest degree.
  • The Executive Board voted to realign ATU 1700 into three (3) regions (East, Central, West) based on our post pandemic population and trends.
  • ATU Executive Board met 11 July 2022, via Zoom.  The Board voted on the final composition of each of the three regions to become effective 1 January 2023.