Nov 05

Our Future is in Our Hands

By President Bruce Hamilton

Our future depends on what working people do between now and Tuesday night. Rich donors have the power to flood political campaigns with unthinkable amounts of money. But working people vote, and there are so many more of us than there are of them that on a level playing field there is no contest: We win, hands down. Working people make real progress when we act in our own best interest, but when we throw in the towel, we hand victory to the rich.

Nov 02

9-Point Romney Plan to Kill Unions

In These Times magazine has posted Mitt Romney’s 9-point plan to “annihilate” unions, based on Romney’s own quotes about how he would handle labor issues. Romney has provided more details on his plan to compromise the future of unions than other issues on his presidential agenda. Except for one quick swipe at teachers by the Republican in the foreign policy debate, neither presidential candidate nor their running mates mentioned workers’ rights, collective bargaining or organized labor during any of the four debates.

Nov 02

Bain Shipping Illinois Jobs to China

On the day before an election that’s supposed to hinge on jobs, taxes and the middle class, Bain Capital, the company Mitt Romney founded, will close the doors of a factory in Freeport, Illinois, and ship 170 good, high-tech jobs to China. The employees of Sensata Technologies were forced to train their Chinese replacements, and the American flag that flew over the factory was reportedly removed while Chinese engineers visited the site. A group of workers have set up “Camp Bainport” across from the factory, and several supporters have been arrested for blocking trucks hauling equipment out of the plant.

Nov 02

Michigan ATU says “Yes on Prop 2!”

The most important item on Michigan’s ballot after the presidential election is Proposition 2, a ballot measure to protect our right to collective bargaining, one of our most fundamental rights as transit workers and union members. Prop 2 will ensure that our voice is heard and that workers, not just CEOs, benefit from a company’s success. Members have been leafleting riders and the public at bus stops and transit centers. To see their flyer, click the headline.

Nov 02

Down to the Wire

By President Bruce Hamilton

I am very proud of Local 1700 COPE members across the country who are ensuring that transit workers and all working Americans have a strong political voice on Nov. 6. They have registered new voters, rallied for candidates who support public transportation, and already taken newly registered, older and infirm voters to vote early.

Oct 19

Greyhound, ATU 1700 Begin Contract Negotiations

Positive outlook for an agreement that should reverse the downward spiral Greyhound workers suffered during the company’s long slide.

Oct 19

COPE Works for Labor Victory at the Ballot Box

Local 1700 members are active across the country, from defending labor rights in California to rocking the transit world in a webcast from Ohio and Colorado.

Oct 18

He's Made It Clear That He Will Decimate Transportation

Mitt Romney may not be clear on his details, but he has made it clear that he will dismantle transportation and move forward anti-union laws.
Our new video shows that plan. 
Watch it.
Across the country Romney and his GOP partners have made it clear in their platform that they will support states and Governors like Scott Walker who aggressively attack unions.

Sep 24

We need government that works for working people

By President Bruce Hamilton

The news last week was about Mitt Romney’s crude videotaped remarks to Republican fat cats about lazy Americans who don’t want to work for a living or pay taxes. Romney was clumsily repeating a Republican “commandment” that reducing government is the answer to every problem. I don’t buy it.

Sep 11

The Long Home Stretch to Nov. 6

By President Bruce Hamilton

The Republicans and Democrats have held their conventions, and political polls show most Americans have already decided if they will vote for President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Now comes the hard part. Romney has the big money. Obama has us. Turnout is everything, and we only have about a month left to register every likely Democratic voter.  Then we have to get them to the polls on Election Day.