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Memorandum of Understanding - Sign-off Pay

Brothers and Sisters,

After much debate and numerous challenges, an issue of monetary concern to the Union Membership has been settled.  Sign-off Pay Entitlement.  The mutually signed Memorandum Of Understanding specifically clarifies deadheads, extra sections and other schedules (frequencies/one ways) excluding charters are entitled to sign-off pay.

The Memorandum Of Understanding is effective June 15, 2016, which means Article W-5: "Operator Pay Claims", entitles us to file claims for pay for assignments performed dating back to June 15, 2016.

"Pennies grow up and become Dollars".   File your pay claims.

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Mar 29

Quarterly Arbitration Assessment July 2016.

 Brothers and Sisters,

Arbitration and the ability to arbitrate are vital tools in the Union's arsenal of defense and quality representation of its MEMBERS.  Arbitration is one of the two strongest stances a Union may take in a disagreement. Arbitration may be invoked in a wide range of labor/worker's issues - contract interpretations, unfair labor disputes and most common among us are unfair and unjust discipline and terminations.

The quarter has seen ATU 1700 and its members in several high profile and costly disputes with the company.  There were some good wins and some forgettable defeats. Even in defeat, the Arbitration process in itself proved that the Union and its membership will stand our ground. In many cases, Arbitration has leveled the playing field and brought change to unfair practices - ie progressive discipline, even in so called egregious cases;  the company must prove its "zero tolerance" policies;  rules of evidence from third parties were successfully challenged and seniority was upheld as a mitigating factor in the disciplinary cycle.

Our Quarterly Assessment Amount is $37,189.33 divided by 2,523 active members equals $14.74 per member in July 2016.

Fraternally ,

May 29
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The Brothers, Sisters and Families of ATU 1700 take a "moment of pause to Remember, Commemorate and Honor the Brave and Heroic men,women and families who paid the ultimate price for OUR NATION.  From our hearts, we are humbly and eternally GRATEFUL.

Our Union is born of similar bravery as we fight in a different struggle; a struggle to make the "Home of the Brave," the Home where the working People have fair and equal access to the "American Dream" of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Let us not forget on this Day of Remembrance that Greatness foundation is Sacrifice.

Fraternally and in Solidarity.

Mar 20


Brothers and Sisters of ATU1700,

In accordance with the International Constitution and the Bylaws of ATU 1700, our Union is entering the election process cycle of 2016.

PARTICIPATION is a key element in ensuring and maintaining a healthy, prosperous and relevant Union of vision going forward. As we are a chartered National Local, correct MAILING ADDRESSES are the main source to MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION.

Please take an extra second to ensure your correct address is on record.

Contact the Office of the President, Financial Secretary Treasurer, Region Vice President or the Local Shop Steward - by mail, telephone, email or in person.

In Solidarity - PARTICIPATE.

Jan 17

ATU 1700 and its Members Honor the "Dream and Legacy" of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dec 20


Our new Drivers are the key to the future strength that insures our Union lives a long, strong and relevant life tomorrow and years to come. It is imperative that we do all we can today to protect their safety and longevity.  A proven fact: Most new Members are terminated within the first ninety (90) days due to accidents, incidents and unusual occurrences in areas/territories unfamiliar to them or the people they depend on for support.

For this reason and future possibilities, the Union embarks on this experiment with the goal of giving our new Drivers/Members a level playing field for a long, successful and safe driving career.

The Membership must report successes and failures to the President and Vice Presidents in real time in order to determine the outcome of the experiment.

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