Feb 26

Quarterly Arbitration Assessment March 2017

Brothers and Sisters,

Arbitration, the ability to arbitrate, and the means to arbitrate are vital tools in the Union's arsenal of defense and quality representation of its MEMBERS.  Arbitration is one of the two strongest stances a Union may take in any disagreement or dispute.  Arbitration may be invoked in a wide range of labor/worker issues - contract interpretations, unfair labor practices, and most common are unfair, unreasonable, unjust discipline and termination.

Although arbitration is a powerful ally in Our fight, arbitration is an expensive procedure and a costly process to all Unions.

Our Quarterly Arbitration Expenses Total was $34,294.47 divided by 2448 active members equal $14.00 per member in March 2017.

In Solidarity.

Jan 27

BULLETIN: Slow Your Roll

Within the last few days, the Company has implemented a new feature to Drive-Cam.  while Drive-Cam has the capability to monitor the road speed of the motor coach, the camera will now be triggered if/when we exceed the posted speed limit.  Although the camera will trigger, it will remain green, meaning you won't know that it was triggered.

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Jan 27

ROADKILL MESSAGE - booking off when sick or fatigued

From Karen Miller, ATU Local 1700 President

There seems to be a major issue with drivers being issued discipline for booking off either sick or fatigued.

Dec 29

ATU 1700 Welcomes New Executive Board - January 1, 2017

New Executive Board Members, January 1, 2017.

Karen Miller, President/Business Agent

Sindy R.Vasquez, Executive Vice President

Sammie Howard Jr. Financial Secretary Treasurer

Michael A. Rodriguez, Vice President/Assistant Business Agent, Region 1

Reginald D. Smith,Vice President/Assistant Business Agent, Region 2

Herman L. Green Sr. Vice President/Assistant Business Agent, Region 3

Leonard Weaver, Vice President/Assistance Business Agent, Region 5

Dec 02
Nov 09

ATU 1700 Salutes the Veterans of Our Nation and Those Veterans within Our Membership

The Brothers, Sisters, and Families of ATU 1700 collectively THANK YOU for your dedication to duty, unselfish patriotic service, and undeniable courage. We send Blessings to your Families and especially

YOU...again, THANK YOU.

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