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Oct 21

Los Angeles Terminal Workers Win Round 1

Goal Number 1 in the struggle of the Los Angeles terminal workers has been to win reinstatement for Patricia Vidrio.  Patty is back!

Oct 15

Los Angeles Terminal Workers Tell Greyhound: Low Pay is NOT Ok!

ATU members joined other unions and community organizations on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall to demand a $15.00 minimum wage.

Sep 19

Quarterly Arbitration Assesment

As long as the company keeps taking unfair disciplinary action against Local 1700 members, and as long as they keep interpreting the contract in unfair ways that hurt workers, we must maintain our ability to stand up to the company and fight for fairness and equality.  One of the ways we fight to protect our rights is through the arbitration process that has been provided for in our contracts for many decades and that has the full force and effect of federal law.

Jul 24

Officer Election Update

The Department of Labor alleges that a mistake was made during the election process that might possibly have had a material effect on the outcome of the election.  Consequently, the DOL has informed the union that it wants the election to be re-run.  Local 1700 is reviewing the DOL’s allegation and will have a response soon.  There will be further updates as more information is known. 

Jun 02

We Fight Hard Every Day for Every Member

By President Jimmie McCoy

ATU Local 1700 members took a big step forward – together – on April 26. Hundreds of Greyhound employees rallied with family and friends at bus stations from L.A. and Atlanta to Cleveland for the union’s National Day of Action for Terminal Workers.

Local 1700 will be judged by how hard we fight every day for every member. We will all benefit when terminal workers bring home a decent contract. Their union dues went into the fight for the drivers’ and mechanics’ recent contract. Now it’s their turn at the bargaining table and it’s everyone else’s turn to support them.

Jun 02

Terminal Workers Speak Out!

On April 26, Greyhound employees rallied at the Los Angeles bus terminal with family and friends, including Maria Elena Durazo, the head of the L.A. County Federation of Labor. Video by Karen Doss.

Jun 02

Crash Greyhound's Birthday Party

Greyhound plans to celebrate its 100th anniversary with a national caravan of classic buses. Union members will picket on June 21, when the road show hits Washington, D.C. The tour and rally will be at Six Flags America. For more information, contact Region 3 V.P. Herman Green at (216) 233-0238.

May 13

News Media Focus on Terminal Workers’ Fight

The Cleveland Plain Dealer writes that recent ATU Local 1700 picket lines in front of Greyhound terminals were a window to the national low-wage workers movement sweeping the country.

May 01

Trabajadores de terminales hacen oír su mensaje

Los medios de comunicación en español más importantes del país, incluyendo Univisión e Impremedia, sacaron reportajes sobre la lucha de los trabajadores de terminales para un contrato justo y digno.

Apr 30

Trabajadores protestan por sus bajos salarios

Decenas de trabajadores de Greyhound se manifestaron para pedir un aumento de sueldo por su trabajo.

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