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Oct 24

Contractual New Pay - Effective October 1, 2015

Phrase three of journey to "sign-on to sign off" is in effect:

  • stops of more than thirty (30) minutes on any scheduled run will be paid at the minimum non-driving rate, with no duplication of pay.  Currently, we are not being paid at all.
  • minimum non-driving rate increases from $7.50 hourly to $9.00 hourly. This increase applies to sign-on and sign-off rates.
  • new pay will largely impact through schedules with long station stops, long meal stops and long rest stops that are scheduled in the run.
  • check schedule times for accuracy of run times and to ensure pay is timely and accurate.
Oct 23

Health and Welfare Useful Information

Assistance is available:

Health and Welfare Trust

350 N. St. Paul Street

Dallas, Texas 75201

Telephone: (800) 288-7766

Fax: (214) 481-5082

Click on Headline for user-friendly information.

Jun 06

International Per Capita Increase

Members of Local 1700 will see an increase in their monthly dues, because the International has a cost of living increase every July 1st. and at the last International Convention the delegates voted to increase the monthly per capita. The total per capita increase is $1.55/month. This increase was to provide more funds for training, research and organizing. Also, the International will be moving to the former Meany Center located in Silver Spring, MD. The International has pledged to fight all those who are trying to stifle pay and benefits for unionized workers.


Sesil Rubain, FS/T

ATU Local 1700

May 07
By President Jimmie McCoy
By President Jimmie McCoy

President McCoy Looks at L.A. Terminal, Bolt Bus Contracts

Local 1700 members recently approved two contracts during some of the most hostile bargaining since the deadly strike of 1990-‘93. In February, terminal workers in Los Angeles held the line on work rights, but Greyhound's lowest paid employees only won limited economic relief. And in March, Bolt drivers approved a contract that gets much closer to the goal of being paid at a single rate for all time spent at work.

Apr 23

Bolt Drivers Ratify New Contract

A new agreement takes Bolt drivers from their current driving rate of $23.34 to $25.25 in four years, and reduces the number of wage rates to just two. The non-driving rate tops out at $13.75 and gets drivers much closer to the eventual goal of being paid a single rate for all time spent at work. The new contract went into effect March 5.

Feb 26
President Jimmie McCoy presents ATU Local 1700 pins to new union members Jocelyn Vaca, left, and Janeth Hernandez.
President Jimmie McCoy presents ATU Local 1700 pins to new union members Jocelyn Vaca, left, and Janeth Hernandez.

Los Angeles Terminal Workers Approve Contract

L.A. Terminal Workers Approve Contract

On Feb. 25, Package Express workers, baggage handlers, janitors, food service staff and ticket agents in Greyhound’s Los Angeles terminal overwhelmingly approved a 3-year contract that holds the line on employee rights and offers some economic relief. The 49-4 vote capped a year of bitter bargaining sessions and rallies. About 20 new terminal workers – including Jocelyn Vaca and Janeth Hernandez, seen with Local 1700 President Jimmie McCoy – joined the union during the run-up to the settlement.

Dec 04


Doug Ghant, a Charlotte driver, won his arbitration. Doug received a speeding ticket in North Carolina and Greyhound disciplined Doug before he went to court. The arbitrator ruled-

"The grievance is sustained, the grievant's record is to be cleared of the suspension and it is ordered that he be paid two days back pay."
Special thanks to Ed Gale, our attorney, for this important victory.


Oct 21

Los Angeles Terminal Workers Win Round 1

Goal Number 1 in the struggle of the Los Angeles terminal workers has been to win reinstatement for Patricia Vidrio.  Patty is back!

Oct 15

Los Angeles Terminal Workers Tell Greyhound: Low Pay is NOT Ok!

ATU members joined other unions and community organizations on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall to demand a $15.00 minimum wage.

Sep 19

Quarterly Arbitration Assesment

As long as the company keeps taking unfair disciplinary action against Local 1700 members, and as long as they keep interpreting the contract in unfair ways that hurt workers, we must maintain our ability to stand up to the company and fight for fairness and equality.  One of the ways we fight to protect our rights is through the arbitration process that has been provided for in our contracts for many decades and that has the full force and effect of federal law.

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