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Mar 28

BULLETIN: Doing Nothing is Unhealthy

Brothers and Sisters,
Our Union is well aware and deeply concerned about the rising cost of healthcare and
more importantly, the slow deterioration of our health as compared to the average
American Worker. As Greyhound employees, most of our jobs do not avail us to live
relatively healthy lifestyles or to seek consistent preventive checkups for early
detection of the most debilitating, life-threatening illnesses. Most of us do not find out
we are sick until we fail an annual DOT examination.
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Mar 28

Get Healthy – and Save Money – with the Healthy Hound Program!

What is it?

The Healthy Hound Program offers ATU members (and their enrolled spouses) activities to help improve our health. When we complete a Healthy Activity (from October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017), we can avoid the $300 individual surcharge (up to $600 per enrolled couple) in 2018. Note: This surcharge is an increase from last year and is now an individual surcharge that applies to the member and to his or her spouse, if applicable.


Mar 23

BULLETIN: Drive Cam Update and MOU's

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening.

This is Karen Miller, President of Local 1700

I'd like to give you a Drive Cam update:

The drive cam monitors the road speed of the bus.  If we are in a 60 miles an hour zone and are traveling 15 miles over the limit for 60 seconds, a report will be generated and sent to the supervisor.  If we are traveling in a 45 miles an hour zone and we're 10 miles over the limit for 60 seconds, this too will generate a report to the supervisor.

Nov 08

Quarterly Arbitration Assessment November 2016

Brothers and Sisters,

Arbitration, the ability to arbitrate, and the means to arbitrate are vital tools in the Union's arsenal of defense and quality representation of its MEMBERS.  Arbitration is one of the two strongest stances a Union may take in any disagreement or dispute.  Arbitration may be invoked in a wide range of labor/workers issues - contract interpretations, unfair labor disputes, and most common are unfair, unreasonable and unjust discipline and terminations.

Although arbitration is a powerful ally in Our fight, arbitration is an expensive procedure and process to all Unions.  However without the means readily at hand to arbitrate, makes us a vulnerable Union.

Our Quarterly Assessment Amount: $50,553.00 divided by 2459 active members equal $20.55 per member in November 2016.


Mar 21

Department of Justice/Labor Certifies Final 2016 Officers Election Results

Brothers and Sisters,

The results of ATU 1700 2016 Officers Election are now certified and official.

ATU 1700 has complied, to the letter and extent of current laws, with all court rulings, all Federal Regulations, guidelines and directives setforth in Civil Action 14-1268 (APM) under the jurisdiction and supervision of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

ATU 1700 entire election cycle was moderated and supervised by Officers of the Court assigned from the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMB), United States Department of Labor (DOL).

ATU 1700 compliant order was signed by the Honorable Amit P. Mehta, United States District Judge, dated 27 February 2017.

In Solidarity.

Unionism - Where hard work reaps respect, dignity and just rewards.

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Jan 27

BULLETIN: Slow Your Roll

Within the last few days, the Company has implemented a new feature to Drive-Cam.  while Drive-Cam has the capability to monitor the road speed of the motor coach, the camera will now be triggered if/when we exceed the posted speed limit.  Although the camera will trigger, it will remain green, meaning you won't know that it was triggered.

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Jan 27

ROADKILL MESSAGE - booking off when sick or fatigued

From Karen Miller, ATU Local 1700 President

There seems to be a major issue with drivers being issued discipline for booking off either sick or fatigued.

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