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Oct 14

ATU Disaster Relief...Brothers and Sisters Lending a Helping Hand.

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Oct 05

BULLETIN: Immigration Enforcement on our Buses

Brother's and Sisters,

On the afternoon of Thursday, October 18th in Dallas, I will be speaking at a press conference joined by the ACLU, Congressman Joaquin Castro and others, demanding that Greyound address widespres concerns about Border Patrol immigration enforcement operation on our buses.  These bouarding's are reported to cause racial profiling - some we've all seen happen - when passengers of color in particular are singled out for questions, or worese, based on how they look and speak.

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Oct 01
Oct 01

ATU 1700 Executive Board convenes 10-13 December 2018, El Paso, Texas.

Holiday Inn El Paso - West Sunland Park

900 Sunland Park Drive

El Paso, Texas 79922

Jan 22

2018 Healthy Hound Program

NEW: The Healthy Hound Program begins January 1, 2018 and runs through September 30, 2018! Since the program begins with the calendar year, you have nine months to complete a Health Activity - so start TODAY!

The Healthy Hound Program promotes healthier lifestyles for Greyhound workers and their enrolled spouses to counteract the stress and health conditions that afflict us.  Actions you take today affect your health - and your wallet - tomorrow. 

Dec 19


The Company has launched another survey called, "tell us about your driver". Please know that the Union is NOT in agreement at all with their survey.

As the Company is interested in comments about us the driver....the Union is requesting your feedback in.....

"TELL US ABOUT YOUR SUPERVISOR!" The supervisor can be the "intimidating" local manager, the rude dispatcher in OSC or the antagonizing person in OEAD.

Simply fill out the survey card, return it to the Shop Steward or the Regional VP. All survey's should be forwarded to the office of the President.

Happy Holidays and be SAFE!

Karen Miller/President


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