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Jun 19

KPFK Radio Interviews Hamilton on Highway Safety

The subject on "Labor Review," a weekly pro-union radio show in Los Angeles, was highway safety and host Henry Walton discussed driver fatigue and ending the federal exemption for bus companies on paying overtime with ATU Local 1700 President Bruce Hamilton. To hear the interview, click here>>
Jan 28

Extraboard Agreements Reached

IB ImageWe’ve reached agreement on some of the issues mentioned in prior blog posts.  We have a few new Memoranda of Understanding that clarify the contract language, which you’ll find posted elsewhere on the site, and the company has also agreed to conduct a few experiments with changing some aspects of extraboards to try and make life more bearable for drivers.  The first two of the extraboard experiments are being implemented in Los Angeles, Greyhound’s second largest location, and a board that has not been turning very well.

Dec 26

Occupy Wall Street Shines a Spotlight on the Super-Rich

IB ImageFor months, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) resonated with young people across the globe because of the loose-knit movements simple message:

The top 1% of society has stacked the deck against the 99% of Americans, and are making out like bandits while the rest of us lose our homes, our jobs, our health care, our pensions - even our lives!

Nov 18


IB ImageFor the last 30 years, the top 1% of society has stacked the deck against the 99%. Greyhound workers know from painful experience how corporate greed benefits the suits in the corner office, but everyone else loses ground.

Oct 29

Which Side Will You Be On in the 2012 Vote?

IB ImageIn 2008, Barack Obama gave hope to working Americans that our concerns would top the national agenda. Republicans have since done everything possible to block Obama from helping us cope with the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. Now, three years later, budget cuts are stripping vital public services and teachers, transit workers and other hard-working public employees are being fired. Even our right to bargain collectively is under fire. If you’re ready to turn things around, click here>>

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