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Jan 05

It's 2013. Time to Update!

The year 2013 has important union activities coming up, including membership votes on contracts and union officer elections.  It is very important for the Union and the Company to have your correct contact information.  Please take this time to update your address and telephone numbers. 

See your Company supervisor right away to provide updated contact information.  You can also update your address and telephone information with the Union via email to or call the Union office at (202) 244-0484.

Sesil Rubain,

Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Dec 22
Tenth Annual Holiday Lunch, Los Angeles
Tenth Annual Holiday Lunch, Los Angeles

When is a holiday not a holiday?

When you're a bus driver, mechanic or service worker.

Dec 11

Update on Contract Negotiations

The week's negotiations ended on a promising note.  But we're not there yet.

Dec 04

Bargaining Update

Major issues are the focus at the opening of the 4th round of talks.

Nov 30

Contract Negotiations Resume

Talks are set to resume on Monday, December 3, 2012.

Nov 13

The Struggle Continues

Our great victory at the polls only won for us the opportunity to engage in the much more difficult struggle for real change.

Nov 05

Greyhound workers reach out to riders

ATU Local 1700 members have kicked up political activism to a new level. Greyhound drivers, mechanics and other employees from Los Angeles to Cleveland and the length of the Eastern Seaboard have rolled up their sleeves and worked with members of other unions to create a grass roots mobilization for transit issues and candidates.

Nov 05

Our Future is in Our Hands

By President Bruce Hamilton

Our future depends on what working people do between now and Tuesday night. Rich donors have the power to flood political campaigns with unthinkable amounts of money. But working people vote, and there are so many more of us than there are of them that on a level playing field there is no contest: We win, hands down. Working people make real progress when we act in our own best interest, but when we throw in the towel, we hand victory to the rich.

Nov 02

Down to the Wire

By President Bruce Hamilton

I am very proud of Local 1700 COPE members across the country who are ensuring that transit workers and all working Americans have a strong political voice on Nov. 6. They have registered new voters, rallied for candidates who support public transportation, and already taken newly registered, older and infirm voters to vote early.

Nov 02

9-Point Romney Plan to Kill Unions

In These Times magazine has posted Mitt Romney’s 9-point plan to “annihilate” unions, based on Romney’s own quotes about how he would handle labor issues. Romney has provided more details on his plan to compromise the future of unions than other issues on his presidential agenda. Except for one quick swipe at teachers by the Republican in the foreign policy debate, neither presidential candidate nor their running mates mentioned workers’ rights, collective bargaining or organized labor during any of the four debates.

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