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Dec 20


Our new Drivers are the key to the future strength that insures our Union lives a long, strong and relevant life tomorrow and years to come. It is imperative that we do all we can today to protect their safety and longevity.  A proven fact: Most new Members are terminated within the first ninety (90) days due to accidents, incidents and unusual occurrences in areas/territories unfamiliar to them or the people they depend on for support.

For this reason and future possibilities, the Union embarks on this experiment with the goal of giving our new Drivers/Members a level playing field for a long, successful and safe driving career.

The Membership must report successes and failures to the President and Vice Presidents in real time in order to determine the outcome of the experiment.

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Jan 17

ATU 1700 and its Members Honor the "Dream and Legacy" of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Nov 07

ATU 1700 Honors, Salutes, and Thanks the Veterans of this Nation.

The Brothers, Sisters and Families of ATU 1700 proudly HONOR and SALUTE the real HEROES of AMERICA - the brave men and women whose service to this Country - then and now - has preserved " the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free."

"Nothing is more sacred than that for which we have sacrificed."

Nov 04
Nov 01
Oct 31

DOT/FMCS - what ARE the rules of the road?

Managers quote DOT Regulations - Is that the rule or an off hand interpretation?

Do the research - Knowledge is Power.

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Oct 29

RETIREMENT is planning for tomorrow...TODAY.

Take control of YOUR retirement - start contributing to YOUR 401(k) Pension Plan today.

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Oct 26

Driver's Seniority and Domicile Location Rosters

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Oct 24

Contractual New Pay - Effective October 1, 2015

Phrase three of journey to "sign-on to sign off" is in effect:

  • stops of more than thirty (30) minutes on any scheduled run will be paid at the minimum non-driving rate, with no duplication of pay.  Currently, we are not being paid at all.
  • minimum non-driving rate increases from $7.50 hourly to $9.00 hourly. This increase applies to sign-on and sign-off rates.
  • new pay will largely impact through schedules with long station stops, long meal stops and long rest stops that are scheduled in the run.
  • check schedule times for accuracy of run times and to ensure pay is timely and accurate.
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