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Nov 09

ATU 1700 Salutes the Veterans of Our Nation and Those Veterans within Our Membership

The Brothers, Sisters, and Families of ATU 1700 collectively THANK YOU for your dedication to duty, unselfish patriotic service, and undeniable courage. We send Blessings to your Families and especially

YOU...again, THANK YOU.

Oct 24

ATU National 401(K) enrollment


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Oct 24

Run Bid Time Line for Bid Change January 18, 2017

Run Committee will meet in Dallas, TX December 12-14, 2016

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Aug 30
Aug 07
Aug 07

Memorandum of Understanding - Sign-off Pay

Brothers and Sisters,

After much debate and numerous challenges, an issue of monetary concern to the Union Membership has been settled.  Sign-off Pay Entitlement.  The mutually signed Memorandum Of Understanding specifically clarifies deadheads, extra sections and other schedules (frequencies/one ways) excluding charters are entitled to sign-off pay.

The Memorandum Of Understanding is effective June 15, 2016, which means Article W-5: "Operator Pay Claims", entitles us to file claims for pay for assignments performed dating back to June 15, 2016.

"Pennies grow up and become Dollars".   File your pay claims.

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May 29
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The Brothers, Sisters and Families of ATU 1700 take a "moment of pause to Remember, Commemorate and Honor the Brave and Heroic men,women and families who paid the ultimate price for OUR NATION.  From our hearts, we are humbly and eternally GRATEFUL.

Our Union is born of similar bravery as we fight in a different struggle; a struggle to make the "Home of the Brave," the Home where the working People have fair and equal access to the "American Dream" of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Let us not forget on this Day of Remembrance that Greatness foundation is Sacrifice.

Fraternally and in Solidarity.

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