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Mitt Romney: Meet Mister 1%
Obama criticizes congress for dragging their feet on student loan rates

"We're ten days away from nearly 7.5 million students seeing their loan rates double because Congress hasn't acted. This should have been a no-brainer. It should have been done weeks ago," he said.

With no budget and just a few weeks to do it, the folks in this town kicked butt.
Driver Fatigue Caused Deadly Bronx Bus Crash: NTSB

Federal officials say a deadly New York tour bus crash last year was caused by a driver suffering from fatigue.

North Carolina Sounds Off against State Legislators
MADD and ATU Team UP to Deliver Powerful Message on Highway Safety

Public service announcement timed with Mother's Day to appear on English and Spanish TV, Websites, and union bulletin board posters.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Slow Jam the News with Barack Obama
The Road We've Traveled
President Obama Dings Romney in UAW Speech
With Babies & Banners is a 1977 Academy Award nominated documentary about the role women played during The Great Flint Sit Down Strike of 1936-1937.