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Oct 29

Which Side Will You Be On in the 2012 Vote?

IB ImageIn 2008, Barack Obama gave hope to working Americans that our concerns would top the national agenda. Republicans have since done everything possible to block Obama from helping us cope with the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. Now, three years later, budget cuts are stripping vital public services and teachers, transit workers and other hard-working public employees are being fired. Even our right to bargain collectively is under fire. If you’re ready to turn things around, click here>>

Oct 29

NTSB Says Driver Fatigue is Top Cause of Bus Fatalities

ATU adds Labor’s demand to national push for highway safety: Pay overworked intercity bus drivers overtime.

A recent series of horrific bus accidents across the country has claimed 22 lives and injured hundreds, sparking bipartisan calls for highway safety. Some Republicans and Democrats are showing uncharacteristic agreement on legislation requiring seat belts, shatter-resistant windows and stronger roofs to reduce rollover fatalities. Others are calling on states to step up bus inspections.

Oct 29

High-Tech Challenges Under the Hood

When Mark Clark began working in Greyhound garages during the 1980s, the job was almost all mechanical and basic electrical. And then things got interesting. Today, the company is counting on new technology to help revive intercity bus travel, and servicing a fleet of new vehicles clearly requires fresh skills, but Clark, who represents mechanics on the Local 1700 Executive Board, said management has been cutting back on mechanics and training. More>>

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