ROADKILL MESSAGE - booking off when sick or fatigued

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening


This is Karen Miller, President of Local 1700


There seems to be a major issue with drivers being issued discipline for booking off either sick or fatigued.

As we all know, there is a shortage of man power all over the country. Extra Board drivers are supplementing boards everywhere. In some cases, we’re turning every 9 hours. Of course we get fatigued! Unfortunately, we get sick! When we request an earned day off, we’re told there’s no man power. While there is a reasonable expectation that we come to work, there is also a reasonable expectation that we have time off.


DOT regulation 392.3 states in part that a driver will not operate a commercial motor vehicle while sick or fatigued nor will a company require us to drive while sick or fatigued.


Please understand me when I say this: If you are fatigued….please book off. You can live and make more money.


If you are issued a Form 6 for booking off sick or fatigued, file your grievance! Ask for everything you want in your grievance. Not only do you want to be paid, you also want the form 6 removed.


If you need assistance in filing your grievance, contact your local Shop Steward or your Regional VP.


When a grievance is submitted to the supervisor, the supervisor should sign it, make a copy and return the original grievance back to you. The grievance is valid when the employee and the supervisor have signed. A steward does not have to sign the grievance, although you should leave a copy of the grievance in the union box and fax a copy to the Regional VP.  Additionally, the steward or the VP can file the grievance and the supervisor should sign. A supervisor should never REFUSE to sign a grievance when it is presented. IF THAT HAPPENS, CALL ME directly at (901) 567-4373.

Until the next update, please, BE Safe

Karen Miller