ATU Local 1700 Run Committee convenes May 22 - 23, 2017 Dallas, Texas

Brothers and Sisters,

The Run Committee, (James Blackburn-Buffalo; Apolinar Gonzalez-Los Angeles; Bertram Byrd-Jacksonville; Brandon Hall-Chicago; Roderick Jackson-Cleveland), will work with a pilot program for the summer bid, that if fine tuned properly and proven successful will bring the current antiquated run structure into the 21st century.

The Committee will work with computer assisted parameters that supposedly will help create more efficient, quality run tours designed to improve the overall "quality of life" for the drivers.

Some of the initial parameters include, but not limited to: 1).eliminate 7/0 and 6/1 runs. 2).more home time. 3).minimize layovers. 4).maximize pay.

Constructive input and real-time feedback are imperative.


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