BULLETIN: Drive Cam Update and MOU's

The supervisor will show you the location of the bus, the posted speed limit and the speed the bus was traveling.

Make sure you request a speed check of the bus.

If a bus is running over 70 miles an hour, write it up in the M-7.  Take a picture of the write up and text it to me at (901) 826-1897.  If the Company continues to allow that bus to exceed the limit, it is then entrapping other drivers.

Additionally, slow the bus down.  I've read a couple of form 5's where the driver said, "I was just trying to get to my next stop on time.

I'm urging you to drive the posted speed limit.  If we're late, we should stay late.  Also, please stop cutting your breaks short.  We need a break as well as the passengers.

If you receive a form 6 for attendance that states you booked off sick or fatigued, PLEASE file your grievance.  Make sure you get the grievance signed by the Company, send a copy to the Steward, the VP and send a copy to me as well.  I want to know about this issue.  My fax number is (901) 567-4979.  My office number is (901) 567-4373


Lastly,there are two MOU's out, which will tremendously help the extra board.

If you've been working for 7 days and return home, and you may request a day off, contact OSC and the request must be granted immediately.

If you've been gone 14 days or more, when you return home, you may request 2 days off and OSC must grant the days off immediately.

If you are on a temporary transfer for 7 days, upon returning hoe, you will automatically be given 1 day off.  If you have been on a temporary transfer for 14 days or more, you will automatically be given 2 days off upon you return home.  If you don't want the time off, call OSC and book back onto the board.  The good thing about this language is that a supervisor will not be able to tell you, "You can't get the day off because there's no man power".  If you have not been given the time off, contact the Steward, the VP or Me at (91) 567-4373.

Until the next ROADKILL update...please, please, Be Safe.